Holy Transformation


DB LARDER, Mike Kosch, backed by his family’s  seven decades of Artisan Charcuterie, cure then smoke to captures the beauty of every Lucky Wagyu Cut.  Their artistry is also expressed in their amazing Lucky Craft Angus Brats with flavors to follow the seasons from the famous Dearborn Sausage.

First comes the cure, the secret blend of Lucky’s famous Makin’ Bacon Spices with all the fixings that takes the wonderful Wagyu Beef to the next world of flavor sensation that everyone loves, Bacon.

Second comes the low and slow hickory wood smoke. The Wagyu cured cuts are hung to expose all surfaces to the subtle scent of the flavorful smoke, for hours and hours. Gently merging the rich flavors of the Bacon Cure surrounded by wisps of Hickory Smoke.

Wagyu Kalbi Eye Cured & Smoked

Third, we start the Slow & Low cooking for an entire day (24 hours) on site in Lucky’s Slow Cookers to achieve the rich Umami Flavor and Silky Fork Tenderness. Then and only then is it ready for your Classic BBQ Sandwich or Pit Master Plate.

Wagyu Kalbi Eye after 24 hours Low & Slow Cooking


This HOLY TRANSFORMATION is a journey of BBQ Love. From harvest to aging to Bacon Curing to Hickory Smoking to Low & Slow Cooking only takes about 60 days!

Artisan Prebiotic Cured Brats, Chorizo & Dogs