Gluten & Lectins

The Troublesome Gluten, Wheat, Soy & Lectins……

Yes, Lucky’s menu is completely composed of Gluten Free Ingredients.  Our Super Buns reflect our goal to create “better for you foods “ with higher proteins, good fats and lower carbs, all without gluten. We do not have wheat, soy or pork of any type in our kitchen.

Lucky’s Super Protien Bun=High Protein-Lower Carbs-

As you know gluten is only one protein in a huge family of proteins called lectins.  Some lectins are severely poisonous while others are less troublesome to consume.  We try to eliminate or minimize these other sources of lectins on the menu as well.  It is generally believed that celiac disease could also be stimulated by other lectins not solely gluten.

Click HereTo read more about lectins in food history tour the presentation “Our Evolving History of Food”

Our separate incubator (tiny) kitchen is only one of the four kitchens, side by side, within the larger Fort Street Galley.  The other three kitchens may or may not use wheat, gluten, and other lectin ingredients from time to time.  Although Lucky’s foods and preparation are strictly limited to our kitchen we cannot attest to all spaces, other kitchen fryers and the complete elimination of potential cross contamination.

For the safety for those with celiac disease, we can ONLY attest to the EXCLUSIVE use of gluten free INGREDIENTS in our recipes.  Perhaps, when Lucky’s has its own space which can be completely controlled we can attest to this highest claim.

As for dairy, our bun does contain eggs and milk.  We use dairy in some other preparations from time to time and would have to guide you more accurately through the menu offerings when you visit us.