About Us

Lucky started this tasty journey with a deep love of BBQ. The complexity of the slowly developed rich umami flavors, sparked with a lick of fire and a wisp of smoke is nothing short of addictive. Every bite nibbled with a powerful squirt of sauce and crunchy condiment sparks another unique taste, again and again. BBQ is great to share with friends so you can enjoy and explore so many more flavors.

Lucky’s BBQ embarks on this flavor exploration with the very best ingredients, Noble Wagyu Beef & Angus Beef, lacing aromatic spices to capture their naturally rich, umami savory-sweet flavors and silky tender texture with our own secret smokey techniques. Lucky broadens BBQ to encompass Noble Fin Fish & Shellfish, along with the best of the Vegetable world, equally elevated by colorful spices, and revolutionary slow cooking techniques. Thanks to nature, these big flavors deliver great nutrition.

Join us on this unique BBQ taste adventure!

Preparing the Hickory Fire for Smoking