Lucky’s Nobel BBQ

Lucky’s Noble Wagyu

FOUNDATION GREAT BEEF – Lucky’s is founded on the Noble Wagyu-Angus Breed with parentage traced back over 200 years with MISHAMA Wagyu. Born and pasture raised on American Centennial family Wagyu farms with a field diet that produces higher healthy Omega Fatty Acids & Rich in Micro Nutrients.
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Fire and Spice

Hickory wood infuses a sweet, savory, and a bit bacony flavor plus its a bit stronger than oak. Lucky’s Magic BBQ Spice marries perfectly Wagyu beef and bacon to the deep complimentary flavor of BBQ. We add it to onto the beef at just the right time to infuse subtle bacon flavors into the meat that marries with the hickory smoke making the Wagyu beef simply melt into your mouth!

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Cure & Smoke

HOLY TRANSFORMATION – Lucky’s is the Worlds Fastest Slow Cooked BBQ

This HOLY TRANSFORMATION is a journey of BBQ Love. From harvest to aging to Bacon Curing to Hickory Smoking to Low & Slow Cooking only takes about 60 days!

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The Final Product

60 days from harvest to your plate – the fastest slow cooked BBQ in the World!

Enjoy a quick lunch, an upscale but casual dinner, or a weekend brunch with us! Also try our BBQ Oysters, Shrimp and Salmon for a new twist to traditional BBQ or check out our complete menu!

We now offer a catering menu and delivery thru GrubHub!